The International Bamboo Foundation a, 501(c)3 and the Environmental Bamboo Foundation of Indonesia were both founded by Linda Garland, an international designer and environmentalist who has made her home in Indonesia for over 20 years.

Ms. Garland has focused her energy solely upon finding a solution to environmental concerns regarding the worlds diminishing tropical forest resources. Her efforts were to first create the EBF in 1991 in order to incorporate a multidisciplinary approach to developing bamboo as an environmentally renewable non-wood forest resource. In January,1995, the IBF was granted non-profit status and received its first funding for educational programs introduced at the IVth International Bamboo Congress held in Bali that year.

In 1995, Ms Garland was conferred a degree of Doctor of Philosophy by the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun, India. Her prolific work and variety of designs within the Indonesian community were such a stimulus to the village economies that in 1990 she was given the Upakati award, the highest national honor, from the president of Indonesia for her "unselfish contributions to the nation of Indonesia". Also in 1995 Linda Garland was declared one of the world's top 50 designers by Architectural Digest.

With such trustees in the foundation as Dr. Emil Salim, former Indonesian Minister of the Environment, Dr. Elizabeth Widjaya, noted researcher in Bamboo Taxonomy, Mr. Trisura Suhardi, Director General of the Department of Small Industries and many others the EBF has been able to draw invaluable assistance for its programs worldwide.

Under the guidance of Dr Walter Liese, of the University of Hamburg, a 2 year research project was conducted to develop the modified Boucherie treatment against the powder post beetle. This has had a significant impact on extending the life of bamboo to be used in the place of timber.

The Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Emil Salim

Board Members
Dr. Linda Garland
Prof. Dr.Walter Liese
Dr. Nono Anwar Makarim
Ms. Pinky Sudarman
Dr. Johan Syahperi
Ir. Trisura Suhardi
Prof. Dr. Ir. H.M.
Suryono Surokussomo