The Bamboo Forest

The Bamboo Forest

Bamboo requires little attention during its growing/production cycle and can occupy the same ecological niche as that of trees. It is well suited for agroforestry and healthy ecosystems. It requires only a modest capital investment to generate a steady income. Around the globe, a lot of individuals and communities are dependent on bamboo for their subsistence, shelter and every-day utilities.


The area of bamboo forest

Our project area is located in East Bali between Mount Abang and Mount Agung.
This area is dry land made up of volcanic sand from the eruptions of Mount Agung, making the top soil extremely nutrient rich and supportive of the healthy growth of the bamboo.


What species are used

In line with project goals EBF will plant species that give direct benefits for economic activities by introducing Guadua Angustifolia from Colombia and Bamboo Blumeana for construction material. These species grow well on dry land and are suitable for construction due to their thickness and hardness.


How fast they grow

The bamboo plants will reach maturity within 4 years. It can be harvested in 5 years. After being harvested the bamboo will reproduce itself. On one hectar 250 plants (clumps) can be planted.


What are the costs

The overall costs including planting and managing 1 hectar of bamboo for 4 years are
544 US Dollar, 400 Euro, 5.000.000 Rupiah. See the following table for details.

Operational Budget (IDR)


Uses of Bamboo

Increased knowledge and research on the production and utilization of bamboo continue to create economic impact and emergence of new industries and products. Other than its traditional use for handicrafts and novelty items, new engineered applications which include lumber, veneer, strand and particle boards, plywood and other laminates, and emergent technologies of high strength bio-composites have been developed.

Bamboo is useful for various applications at different ages :
<30 days - good for eating
6-9 months - for making baskets
2-3 years - for bamboo boards or laminations
3-6 years - for construction
>6 years - bamboo gradually loses strength up to 12 years old